With 15 years of experience, Katie Rössler is leading the way to:


reveal how hidden grief is causing burnout in our lives…not just in our work

discover how to live authentically in a world of instant gratification

create balance in our lives that stays true to who we are as high achievers

Do you feel like you’re juggling it all?

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    Discover how we can work together:

    Katie Rössler

    For 1 to 1 support to work on burnout and hidden grief

    For companies and organizations

    wanting to hire Katie to speak or lead a workshop

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    For a free resource to support better balance in your life

    Interested in one of my live online or in person events? Find all the info HERE.

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    Working with Katie has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and my emotional and spiritual growth. She has empathic yet honest approach and a true gift at seeing the connection between various aspects of your life. I always felt heard, supported, and accepted, no matter what “junk” I brought to the table. I am beyond grateful for Katie and how much she has helped and challenged me to step into my true self.


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