Want to learn more about the new book?

Want to learn more about the new book?

Life has brought you challenges and losses leaving you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. You know you are struggling to face it all and moving forward right now is like walking through quicksand.

You have two BIG options:


Continue to feel stuck and out of balance in your life.
I understand taking this route. Facing it all would mean finding the  time, changing old habits, dealing with grief, and having difficult discussions. Frankly, where would you start?

It might even feel like years of baggage to unpack, and who wants to go through that alone?


Face life’s challenges head on and do it with support.

When you know you’re ready for option 2, I’m here.

I know that life challenges are not easy to face alone, and for over twelve years, I have focused on helping people in three main areas:

motherhood, grief, and relationships


Need Support With Grief?

Let me introduce myself…

Hi! My name is Katie Rössler.

I am The Transformative Grief Guide and a licensed counselor  with over twelve years of experience helping people live happier, healthier lives.

I am a wife and mom of three living in Germany (hence the fun last name!).

Life and it’s challenges are not new to me and everything I teach are tools I use or have used to improve my own life.

To learn more about my personal journey, click HERE.

Katie Rossler homepage
growing through lifes challenges

Find the resources you need for the season of life you are in now:

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