Level 10 Relationship Assessment Katie Rössler

You’ve been through it…

You’ve faced grief, burnout, a host of life challenges, and now here you are…still together but asking some questions.

This is the space for you, the high achieving couple, to ask things like:

Do we stay together?

Can I really trust you?

Are we still a “good” match?

What will the future look like?

These are great questions to ask, and here’s why:

Every couple needs a rebuild at some point. It’s a point in their relationship where they tear down the old and rebuild new.

A chance to change old habits that caused issues and build a stronger foundation and connection than before.

Katie Rössler

After 15 years as a licensed therapist, I realized more couples needed to know how normal it is to rebuild their relationship. That is why I created the REBUILD program. It gives you practical tools to start transforming your relationship into the one you desire together.

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There are three key areas of the REBUILD program:


Communication and Trust

a New Vision Together

the Romance & Passion

Let’s make your dreams for your relationship a reality!

Katie Rössler


My name is Katie Rössler. I’ve been a licensed therapist for 15 years, but let me explain what I really do in my work:

I coach, guide, teach, counsel and mentor. I’m the biggest fighter right alongside you for the relationship you desire to have while at the same time speaking truth to you both so that the growth can actually happen. I take both a practical and holistic approach to working with couples.

Making you laugh is a gift of mine and helping you get back to listening to yourself versus everyone else’s opinions of what you “should” do. Frankly, they don’t know…they’re not you!

My husband and I have navigated some pretty tough waters together over the last 15 years of our relationship: my near death experience, a major international move, early death of my mom, miscarriages, dreams not coming to fruition, and burnout.

When I work with you as a couple, I’m not coming to you as a theoretical expert, but as someone who’s walked through the fire too and can guide you on your journey as you map out your vision together.

Working with Katie is unique because she offers so many different types of value in one session. I’ve worked with counselors who are very good at certain things, but not all the different ways she helps. For example, she has a skilled way of helping us share our emotions, taught us new concepts that helped us understand our behaviors and feelings better, provided practical advice for how to move forward, and gave us meaningful reflection assignments. After working with Katie, we not only decided to stay together, but now understand how we got to that scary place, and how we can take simple steps to stay more connected going forward.

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