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My name is Katie, and I am a transformative grief guide and licensed counselor. I have 13 years of experience helping individuals, couples, and families live healthier, happier lives. As an American living in Munich, Germany with my husband and three kids, let’s just say I am not new to life challenges and loss.

Growing up in a military family, we moved around every two to three years. In fact, until the age of 24, the longest I had lived in one place was the four years of college. Saying goodbye and facing the sadness and adjustment of moving so often helped me grow into a very self-aware and adaptable person.


I later realized that grief was a large part of that process for my family as pulling up roots that often is so difficult.

After finishing high school, I attended Mississippi State University to study Physics/Pre-Med. It took only one semester and I realized the Physics’ faculty and students were not my people. No offense, of course! As an outgoing, heart-centered extrovert, I was drawn to the world of Psychology and professors who loved speaking to their students. I continued on to get my masters at The College of William and Mary in Marriage and Family Counseling. After three years as a therapist, I was able to achieve my dream of owning my own private practice.

katie rossler reflection in water

Marriage and motherhood were next on my life plan. I took some time away from working to stay at home with our first daughter. I found this time extremely challenging and the grief and adjustment that can came with motherhood very difficult. While pregnant with my second, we decided to move to Germany, my husband’s home country, and began creating a home here. Talk about another big adjustment and grief work to be done!

2018 and 2019 brought on a series of losses in my family that were unexpected. At the end of 2018, my mother died unexpectedly. It rocked my world. As a mother to two toddlers, facing the loss of my mother changed everything for me. That time was followed up by two miscarriages in 2019 and more grief and pain to address. After going on a crucial grief healing journey, I learned the power of grief as a transformational tool in our lives. I also discovered that grief isn’t pretty, and it doesn’t feel good. Surprise. Surprise. However, through my healing process, I learned how beautiful grief can be. Not in the classical sense of beauty of course. It’s beautiful in how it makes us grow and develop. It’s beautiful in how we see the world and gratitude differently because of it. It’s beautiful because it makes life deeper and more vibrant when we finally release what has been holding us back. 

grief isnt pretty its beautiful

Then the pandemic hit, and during our family’s time indoors, I strengthened my abilities as a grief healer and began writing my book The New Face of Grief. My healing journey became the foundation for supporting many others in their own realization that grief is a natural and normal experience in life and can be used as a tool for their growth. As my book was released on the third anniversary of my mother’s death, I could tell that this journey is going to be bigger than me.

I am here to be a wayshower and bridge builder for those who are ready to get out of the hamster wheel of negative grieving and transform their pain into empowerment.


My mission is to help others face the hidden grief in their lives.

Check out my free guide with 30 natural ways to support your grief healing journey to get you started.

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