My name is Katie. I’m originally from the USA, and now live with my 3 kids and husband in Munich, Germany. We like to spend our weekends hiking in the Alps, which makes it hard to resist not singing at the top of my lungs “The hills are alive!”

After 15 years as a licensed therapist working with individuals, couples and families, I realized I had a deeper calling to help coaches and healers become more confident and empowered in the work they are doing by guiding them on working on their own healing first. But I had to go on a big journey to get here…

The end of 2018 everything stopped in my life. My mother died unexpectedly. The next year I experienced two miscarriages. By the end of it all, I lost my drive and momentum for everything I was doing in my life. My business stopped even though I had been working so hard to grow it in the way I thought I was supposed to. Then 2020 hit, and we all know what that was like. 

Everything on the outside up to that point looked amazing. But after losing so much, my compass in life was spinning and I had no direction anymore. I looked at the path my life was on and realized I actually hadn’t been happy for a while. I wasn’t the mom I wanted to be, the direction of my business didn’t make sense to me anymore, and though I smiled every day I was beating myself up on the inside comparing where I was to everyone else.  

It took losing so much to get me to stop and reevaluate it all.

katie rossler reflection in water

I needed to get honest with myself finally and look at what was keeping me stuck from living the life and having the business I knew was meant for me. I started to clean house emotionally and mentally. I cleared out years of hidden grief that wasn’t just about death and loss. It was related to motherhood, my identity, unfulfilled dreams, and that recurring thought that I wasn’t where I should be by now.

I learned how to process my past in an effective way that didn’t feel like I was walking through mud. I looked at what beliefs were keeping me from moving forward that I no longer believed to be true. I reimagined and reinvented my dreams and vision based on what I knew to be true about me and my values, not what the world had told me to want.

Once I started releasing everything that wasn’t supporting me, I realized I could see everything much clearer. I stopped apologizing for who I was and learned to step fully into an empowered version of myself. And this is what I can do for you too. I help you connect your desires, your passions, and who you are at your core. Rediscovering you.

This is the beginning of you, reinvented.

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