About Katie

My name is Katie. After 15 years as a licensed therapist working with individuals, couples and families, I realized I had a deeper calling to help fellow high achievers (Do you like to be really good at what you do? Then I consider you to be part of that tribe!) become more confident and empowered in creating the relationship of their dreams. But I had to go on a big journey to get here…

At the end of 2018, everything stopped in my life. My mother died unexpectedly. It was a call I never expected to receive. The next year I experienced two miscarriages as my husband and I tried for a third child. Over time, I lost my drive and momentum for everything I was doing in my life and hit a complete burnout.

Why? Not because of the losses, but because I kept pushing throughout all of it to keep achieving what I thought success looked like. It took a BIG toll on my relationship as we navigated a life that wasn’t how we pictured it would be. See, as firstborn, high achievers, we knew how to dig deep and fake it till we made it…

But that’s no way to live life or have a healthy relationship. So, we argued..a lot. We disconnected from each other as a form of survival. And then one day, we realized how we were doing things wasn’t working. It took a lot of tears and self-awareness, but we rebuilt our relationship owning our flaws and challenges. It’s daily work, and it’s so worth it as you start to feel the connection deepen and the trust build up again. I like to think of us as a beautiful work in progress and a true testament to the power of rebuilding from the ground up.

Katie Rössler couples coach and counselor with a tea cup

Our lived experiences combined with all the couples I worked with helped me realize that about every 7 years we need a rebuild. It’s normal! It’s just not talked about as such. You hear about the “7 year itch” like it’s a bad thing. I believe it’s the inner call to transform your relationship rather than keep tugging along like it is. If you are feeling that “itch” or call at any point in your relationship, then I invited you to check out the REBUILD program. It’s truly a game changer giving you practical tools to create the relationship you’ve been visioning for your future.

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