Katie Rössler Next Level Certification program

If you are a coach, healer, or clinician who is ready for the confidence to go deeper with your clients and take your services to the next level, then this is for you:

The Next Level Certification & Mentorship Program gives you the confidence and strategy to

  • Feel safe to work on your clients’ blocks, false beliefs, and hidden grief
  • Navigate your clients healing journey with transformational tools
  • Get your clients to actually do the work that leads to faster growth for them
  • And lead with intention because you have walked the journey you will be guiding them on


    The unique method I developed after 15 years of experience leads your clients straight to the heart of where they’re stuck and gives you the tools and knowledge to know exactly what to do to help them transform their pain into their greatest empowerment.


    Imagine getting messages like these from your clients:

    “Holy cow. I just realized I’m no longer questioning myself and know exactly what to do in my work/relationship/personal life! I’m not falling into my old habits anymore. IT’S working!!!”

    “Our sessions are opening my eyes to so much. Before, I wasn’t allowing myself to see and now I am SO PROUD of myself for how far I have grown in such a short amount of time! I’ve been working on myself for YEARS but facing my hidden grief is finally helping me!”

    “Working with you is the best gift I have ever given myself! Thank you for what you are helping me to finally heal!”


    These are the types of responses that build your confidence AND lead to referrals and testimonials that you’ll be proud to share.


    The Next Level Certification & Mentorship program provides you with:

    • A proven strategy to work with your client’s hidden grief that is keeping them blocked
    • A clear plan to use based on their learning style and personality 
    • Dedicated space to work on your own hidden grief while learning the methodology
    • Support from your NLC cohort
    • Mentorship from transformative grief guide, therapist and your personal cheerleader Katie Rössler
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    Hi! I’m Katie. If we don’t know each other yet, I’m a licensed therapist and transformative grief guide.

    I’m here to help you take your services to the next level through a proven strategy that helps you navigate how to uncover your client’s hidden grief so you can help them create a lasting transformation.

    What’s hidden grief?

    It’s the mental and emotional experience we go through when life doesn’t go the way we thought it would or “should.”

    This could sound like:

    I’m not where I thought I would be by now.”

    “This isn’t how life was supposed to go.” 

    “Somewhere along the line I stopped making choices and just went with what everyone else was doing.”

    “Every time I try a new strategy, it doesn’t work out.”

    I feel like I have lost touch with myself.”

    “I didn’t realize leaving my corporate job would make me feel like I lost a part of who I am.”

    These are all signs that hidden grief is impacting your clients. The NLC program will help you to transform the hidden grief in your client’s lives into a tool for their greatest growth.

    This program is unlike any other certification program.


    For you to learn the methodology, you will be going on the journey your clients will go on as well.

    You will work on the steps of the methodology and healing your hidden grief so you can meet your clients from a deeper state of understanding.



    At each level you receive:

    • pre-recorded videos to watch each week (sent on Wednesdays)
    • 90 minute live calls every month for questions and additional support (offered twice a month for different time zones & recorded if you have to miss a call)
    • a 30 minute individual mentorship call once a month during the program to support you in your work
    • Slack group for you to ask questions and share thoughts with your fellow students and ask questions to Katie in between the live calls
    • lifetime access to the training videos
    • private mentorship options available at an alumni rate after the training is done



    Let’s clarify some questions you might have:

    1. This is not trauma focused work. Trauma focused work takes a different form of education and training. What I am teaching you is a way to go deeper with your clients, and I will also teach you how to recognize when it is time to refer.

    2. The framework of the program teaching you about hidden grief  is not focused on grief related to death. It is on hidden grief which is grief related to how we thought life would or should go and learning how to accept how life actually is. It requires looking at our family systems, culture, and society from a new point of view so we can get laser focused on what needs to be healed.


    3. This is not a go at your own pace program. It’s live and Katie is there every step of the way with you. You will be actively learning with your fellow students each week and able to interact in a Slack group created just for your cohort. You get to ask questions and interact with others as you learn together. The last week of each month is set up for you to catch up and integrate. It’s also the week we will have our group call to go over anything that was confusing and go deeper with your training.


    4. Though Katie is a therapist, she is not teaching you how to be a therapist. Coaches and healers are able to learn the skill set and methodology she is teaching without crossing any lines of who should be doing what work.  



    Katie Rössler Next Level Certification program


    So, if you are ready for a totally unique perspective and methodology on healing hidden grief leading to HUGE transformation for your clients, then the Next Level Certification & Mentorship program is for you.

    Katie Rossler

    Who is Katie Rössler?

    Katie has been described by many as the Brené Brown of hidden grief. Brené guided us all on the journey to understanding shame and vulnerability as it leads to our greater courage and leadership. Katie is here to guide us on a journey of understanding hidden grief and challenges as one of our greatest tools for growth to live a life of purpose and legacy.

    She brings a fresh, new perspective to an experience that so many of us have learned to dread. Katie has worked in homes, schools, locked facilities, community centers and private practice providing therapy and grief support to hundreds of clients both in the USA and in Germany. Katie is the author of the book The New Face of Grief and co-author of the book Giving Birth to Motherhood.

    Katie has presented workshops to The Boston Consulting Group, Athena Network, The Creativity Conference, Facebook Community Circles Munich, MOPS International, Creative Mornings Munich and Women Entrepreneurs of Munich. Her newest research on how hidden grief impacts our identity and personality will be leading the next generation of coaches and therapists to improve the work they do with their clients. Katie has discovered that hidden grief can negatively impact how we see ourselves and keep us from accepting personality characteristics that are actually our strengths.



    How much time does the certification program take?

    Each level is 90 days. There will be 3 live calls (90 minutes each) the last week of each month for integration and discussion. They will be provided at two different times in the month to insure you can attend one. Every Wednesday there will be a training video and “homework” assignments to complete and send to Katie for feedback.


    Do I need to attend calls live?

    It is important you attend the calls, which is why they are offered at two different times in the month. That being said, we understand if you need to miss a call due to an emergency. Replays will be provided afterwards.


    Can I register for level 2 without completing level 1?

    No. You must learn the methodology in level 1 in order to understand the work we will be doing and skills we will be learning in level 2. That is why we offer a special price if you register for both.


    Are there payment plans?

    Yes, there are 2 and 3 month payment plans that include a small fee available if you only purchase level 1. There is a 6 month payment plan that includes a small fee for those who purchase both levels. Payments are made through Stripe or Paypal and can be paid in either € or $. Contact Katie for more details: info@katierossler.com


    Can I speak with Katie before signing up for the certification program?

    Of course! Katie is able to do 20 minute calls with potential students to answer any questions and share more about the program. Register for a call HERE.

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