Our first episode! The Balanced Code Podcast is focused on helping listeners discover their unique code for balance in all areas of their lives. Host Katie Rössler, a couples therapist and expert in hidden grief, emotional intelligence, and work-life balance, shares her insights and experience to help listeners identify the different components that make up their own balance code. 

In today’s episode Katie uses an umbrella analogy to explain how each piece of fabric represents an important section of your life and how the poles and rods holding it up are the tools and resources that keep it strong.

Key Points:

  • Finding balance in life is a unique process that varies for everyone.
  • Your balance code changes as you change and grow.
  • The Balanced Code podcast focuses on discovering your unique code for balance in all areas of your life.
  • The podcast will cover different areas of life, including family, personal growth, health, and work-life balance.


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