I’m so excited about today’s episode because I’m speaking with Bevin Farrand, creator of the Take the DAMN Chance movement, about how to find your tribe. We were talking a week ago about this topic, and I told her we needed to record an episode! I wanted you all to learn some mindset shifts and actionable strategies to finding your tribe that Bevin is teaching in her program.

In this episode, Bevin shares her personal experiences and the challenges she faced after the unexpected loss of her husband. She talks about the significance of building a supportive network and cultivating relationships that fulfill our needs.

We discuss the importance of understanding that our tribe may change over time and to recognize when certain relationships have served their purpose and come to an end. We get into the importance of holding boundaries and not expecting one person, such as a partner, to fulfill all our needs.

Bevin talks about the type of people you want in your tribe and how to start asking for what you need versus hoping you’ll find it. It’s important we actively seek out our tribe or community that can contribute to out overall well-being and balance in life.

I really enjoyed interviewing Bevin and shedding light on a lot of misconceptions about finding the people we want in our lives and knowing when it’s time to let go of a relationship. Take a moment to check out Bevin’s 5 day training/challenge called Find Your DAMN People.


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Katie Rössler and Bevin Farrand The Balance Code

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