In this episode of The Balanced Code Podcast, I’m interviewing Katie Stoddard, a transformative and conscious leadership coach, and the founder of The Focus Bee. We are talking all about how to stick to healthy habits and why we self-sabotage. Self-discipline isn’t a sexy topic but it impacts our personal and professional life.

First we talked about the challenges with self-discipline, particularly when it comes to taking care of oneself. The rise of smartphones and the pandemic have made things more complicated, leading many to struggle with motivation and routines.

Your Future Self

Katie Stoddard emphasizes the need to reevaluate goals and focus on three fundamental areas: health, relationships, and work. By understanding the motivations behind our habits, we can celebrate progress and overcome shame associated with falling off track. She teaches us the importance of building a healthy relationship with one’s future self and being compassionate and flexible in practicing mindful self-discipline. She recommends Giovanni Dienstmann’s book, “Mindful Self-Discipline,” as a valuable resource for those ready to work on improving self-discipline.

One major hurdle discussed is the instant gratification that often takes precedence over long-term well-being. When we are mindful of our choices and consider the impact on our future selves when making decisions we can become more dedicated to following through.

You Can Do It!

This episode provides valuable insights into the challenges of self-discipline, ways to stay motivated, and the importance of self-love and compassion in building healthy habits for a fulfilled life. Katie Stoddard gives us great insight into how to shift from short-term into long-term thinking. She teaches us how to stick to healthy habits so that they become part of our normal routine making them much easier not to forget. Make sure to connect with Katie Stoddard in the links below.


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