If you’re grappling with the chaos of everyday life and yearning for strategies to simplify your life, this blog post is for you. It’s inspired by my podcast episode with Lisa Zawrotny, founder of Positively Productive Systems. Lisa, an expert productivity coach, provides a fresh perspective on productivity for us, focusing not on perfection but on process and refinement over time. Let’s dive in.

It’s All So Overwhelming

Life’s juggling act can be daunting, especially when coupled with changes and loss, responsibilities of parenthood, and the pressures of running an online business. Lisa and I talked about our personal experiences and what burnout felt like for us. Often, we think that if we can’t handle it all we must be failing, but that’s not true. We are not meant to “handle” it all, and we have a breaking point. Thankfully, Lisa has some wonderful tools for us to use to simplify our lives as we balance so much each day.

1. Task Management

We first explored the concept of task management, focusing on the importance of turning intimidating tasks into manageable steps. Think about how you eat an elephant. One bit at a time. There’s no other way! Lisa introduces the idea of creating checklists to enhance productivity and reduce procrastination. By breaking down a large task into actinoable steps we can check off, we can see our progress and feel like we have achieved something! She shares valuable tips on using dedicated notebooks or magnetic whiteboards to make your task-tracking system work for you. This practical approach can drastically improve your organization and efficiency.

2. Decluttering

The discussion then shifts to the transformative power of decluttering. A clean workspace can act as a stress buster, creating a calming environment that enhances your focus and productivity. Lisa shares practical tips on maintaining order in your home, such as starting small to build habits of putting things away. She introduces the concept of reverse decluttering to keep things simple, which involves removing unnecessary items rather than adding more.

3. Work/Life Balance

Finally, we delve into stress and anxiety management. Lisa and I love talking about these two areas because we both struggle with them at times. It’s crucial that we dedicate time each week to take care of ourselves, allowing for relaxation and rejuvenation. Rest is productive. Shout it from the rooftops! Lisa shares insightful strategies to manage stress, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balance between work and personal life. We can’t expect ourselves to do it all in all areas of our lives. Taking time to relax helps us be more productive and effective in doing what matters most to us.

Strategies to Simplify Your Life

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed doesn’t have to be your norm. By adopting the above strategies shared by Lisa Zawrotny in our podcast conversation, you can begin to feel less exhausted and burnout and more at peace with your daily life. Redefine your productivity, master task management, harness the power of decluttering, and turn stress into a manageable component of your life. These are the strategies to simplify your life! Remember, the focus is not on achieving perfection but rather on improving your processes over time. With a bit of organization and a dash of self-care, a balanced and productive life is well within your reach.


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