On my own journey for more balance, it has often felt like I can only be successful in personal growth if I let go of my business growth. And when I want to grow in my business, then my personal growth has to suffer. It’s on rare occassion that I have seen both simultaneously co-exist in the positive. I wondered, though, if it has to always be this way? Is there a code to greater growth in both areas of my life? Well, that’s what I set out to learn when I interviewed Helen Thacker.

All About Helen

Helen is a passionate Sales and Strategy Coach to ambitious coaches who are ready to take their business way beyond 6 figures. She has been a solo entrepreneur for 19 years, building businesses from scratch (taking two to six-figures). She has now helped hundreds of business owners successfully grow online.  Her two decades in a sales career has included financial recruitment and network marketing, where she was both internationally and nationally recognised within her company. Helen is the host of the Purpose, Potential & Power podcast and in “real life”, works abroad as much as possible with her husband and two gorgeous boys.

Balancing Personal Growth with Business Success

If there was ever a woman to interview about this topic, it’s Helen! Her expertise in sales and her experience in building two six-figure businesses provide valuable insights into how to navigate the emotional whirlwind that is guaranteed to come with growth. Helen shared her wisdom on structuring a business and balancing life in a way that feels right for each individual. It cannot be cookie cutter and that’s where so many of us get it wrong! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a goal-chaser, or simply someone thirsty for growth in life, there are practical tools and steps to help you manage the emotions, thoughts, and experiences that come with growth.

Helen talked about the importance of maintaining passion and energy in our work and businesses. She emphasized the need to have a clear vision of our goals and dreams and to regularly assess and reassess our growth to ensure we’re on the right track. Most of us don’t take the time to do this on a regular basis. Helen highlights the significance of taking feedback, trusting our intuition, and cultivating patience as we strive for success. This is how we really grow!

The Truth

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Helen shared her own journey and lessons learned as an ambitious entrepreneur. Just because things look good on the outside, doesn’t mean that a successful person isn’t questioning themselves and struggling with imposter syndrome. We all face that, and we all face hurdles as we work on balancing personal growth with business success.

Helen reminds us to approach our businesses and lives as a marathon rather than a sprint. She encourages us to embrace a long-term attitude and to have fun with the process, treating it as an experiment. By being curious, open to learning, and willing to adapt, we can create a sustainable and fulfilling path to success. Helen Thacker’s insights, combined with her own experiences, offer a roadmap for harmonizing the different aspects of our lives while maintaining passion and energy. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to scale your success or simply someone hungry for growth, this conversation is a must-listen.


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