Anxiety can often feel like a relentless monster, creating chaos in our lives. Add in a bunch of stress and we feel like a hot mess on a daily basis. However, with the right tools and understanding, it is possible to calm the craziness we feel. Let’s dive into how to manage stress an anxiety in today’s busy world.

The Amygdala

Let’s shed light on the role of the amygdala in triggering our fight or flight responses. This small, almond-shaped part of our brain can misinterpret everyday stressors as severe threats, creating an environment of constant anxiety. Understanding that your brain may see a caterpillar like a snake on a regular basis is a big step towards effectively managing our stress and anxiety. Knowing what is driving us can help.

My own journey of dealing with anxiety led me to find tools that help me calm down the amygdala so it doesn’t always get to run the show. The shift is not an overnight process but requires continuous practice and the using a few techniques and strategies. Know that what works for me may not work for you, but it’s worth a shot. My clients have found it helps them cut the edge of their anxious mind.

How to manage stress and anxiety

One of the most powerful tools to use when we are high in anxiety is breathwork. Deep, intentional breaths can significantly calm our minds, helping to regulate our body’s stress responses. When we notice our anxious minds worrying about something, we will notice our amygdala activated. We will have racing thoughts, shorter breath, and our emotions will take over. Generally, we play out the visions of what we are worrying about and our body thinks we are in the situation each time.

However, visualization techniques also play a significant role in combating stress and anxiety. By visualizing a calm and happy space, we can gain control over our stress levels and start to create a plan for what to do to feel more in control. Taking action that is not impulsive is important when we find our anxious mind usually running the show.

Lastly, the practice of mind-dumping, where all our worries, fears, and to-do lists are written down, can help clear mental clutter and reduce feelings of overwhelm. We can then see clearly what to focus on and what is a worry for later. Sometimes our brains just need to know we will still give it space to worry, but not when we need to get things done. 

Give it a listen

In the episode of The Balance Code, I go into much more detail about each of these tools, so I encourage you to give in a listen. Learning how to manage stress and anxiety doesn’t have to be a solo act:

The Stress Less Society’s, an accountability group designed to equip ambitious women with stress management skills, doors are open. This society is a testament to the fact that stress management is a life skill that can be learned and improved upon, much like communication or leadership. Come join us for 3 or 6 months support in this amazing group of women ready to stress less.

Make sure to listen to this episode to get valuable insights into understanding and controlling anxiety, transforming fear into freedom, and unlocking serenity. It reminds us that we all have the power to manage life’s stressors and navigate life’s challenges with ease. With the right tools, support, and understanding, we can tame the anxiety monster and embrace a more balanced and less stressful life.




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