Are you addicted to being stressed out? Does the rush of adrenaline and the surge of dopamine make you feel more alive? Many of us are trapped in the web of stress addiction without even realizing it. Let’s explore the pull of stress addiction, and its effects on our overall well-being. And of course, I’m also going to share how we start to shift this too!

Addicted to Being Stressed Out

Stress addiction is a bit crazy if you think about it. On one hand, it gives us a false sense of productivity and feeling invigorated. “Look at me getting these projects done like a boss!” But on the other hand, it wreaks havoc on our overall health. We have digestion issues, trouble sleeping, and feel agitated. The adrenaline rush and dopamine surge connected to stress create a cycle of pleasure and pressure. It makes us feel that stress is necessary to accomplish tasks. However, this cycle is deceptive. It lures us into an ongoing loop of stress, trapping us in its addictive web.

Being addicted to stress isn’t happening just in the working population. Stay at home parents, retirees, and students, struggle with it. Our identities become so enmeshed with stress that we wear it like a badge of honor. We use stress as an armor to fend off life’s uncomfortable moments giving us an easy ticket to avoid. Our self-esteem eventually becomes tied to our accomplishments, and we are trapped. It’s important to navigate these troublesome waters by setting boundaries and managing time effectively.

How to Break Free

How can you free yourself from the chains of stress addiction? It’s time to rewrite what you believe about stress. Understanding how your brain works, setting boundaries around your routines, and taking a hard, honest look at your life are major steps to achieve this. When you shift your beliefs around stress and success, it can create major change. By opening yourself up to a new belief system and breaking habits, you’ll find you can break the addiction to stress.

Creating this balance isn’t just about making changes on a surface level. It requires a deep, internal change in our perception of stress and its role in our lives. It’s about understanding that stress doesn’t equate to productivity or success. And acknowledging that our worth isn’t determined by the number of tasks we complete or the projects we undertake. We need to give ourselves permission to make mistakes and be a ‘hot mess’ without needing to have “too much on our plates” as an excuse.

In conclusion, breaking free from stress addiction isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a journey filled with self-discovery, introspection, and change. But it’s a journey worth embarking on. It’s time to unravel the web of stress addiction, rewrite your stress narrative, and cultivate a balanced life.

 The Stress Less Space 

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