In this episode, Katie talks about the challenge of juggling everything as a high achiever, and the importance of recognizing which balls in life are glass and which are rubber.

High achievers often see everything as essential and critical. But this mindset can lead to burnout and exhaustion. Katie shares a helpful analogy of juggling glass and rubber balls and encourages listeners to reflect on: Which things in your life are truly important? And which can be delegated or left to bounce?

We need the reminder (we see you high achiever!) that we ourselves are made of glass. It’s important that we take care of our health and energy. And don’t forget our core relationships are also glass. If neglected, it can lead to major long-term impacts.

When we take the time to see what is glass and what is rubber (can keep bouncing on its own), we start to prioritize what makes sense to focus on each day.

Enjoy today’s episode as we uncover what is really important for us to create balance in our lives.



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