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sunrise over water representing grief


Grief is a journey where we learn to let go of how we expected life to look.

If you’ve read the About Me section, then you already know many of my experiences related to grief. I know that it isn’t just about death and loss. It’s also about change and letting go. It shows up in situations, even when you didn’t expect it to.


 I work with people to feel safer and more prepared going through grief and finding how it can help them grow.
Grief is a journey we all must go on but not everyone is ready to face. Often because we believe we have to deal with it alone.

Find resources and support in the way you need it by clicking one of the sections below:

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“Katie made me realise that my grief isn’t a rock weighing me down, instead it’s a stepping stone to start the next chapter in my life. “


“Katie helped me turn around and look forward at the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel instead of fixing my gaze backward on my dark troubles.”


“Katie significantly helped me to reflect on, navigate and accept a major life change. Working with her felt like a unique experience, tailored for my needs.”


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