Peaceful Holidays

A 3 week program providing you resources and support for how to cope with grief this holiday season

Whether this is your first holiday experiencing grief or

you have been dealing with grief for years around the holiday season…

this time I’d like to invite you to do it differently.

Welcome to Peaceful Holidays

For 3 weeks starting November 7th, learn tools to cope with grief and

find peace during a time that can be stressful and emotional.

Katie’s course ‘Handling Grief During the Holidays’ totally exceeded my expectations. I had signed up wondering how relevant it might be to me as I was missing family, due to being unable to visit them because of the Pandemic, but had not actually lost anyone. It was hugely relevant! Katie very sensitively helped me look at the many ways that grief can impact on my day-to-day life and decision making without my even realising. How many different forms of grief there are, and how pass losses influence me still. I learnt SO much more than I had ever expected, and made sense of things from my past that I had not expected to even be considered in the course. If you have the chance to sign up for this course – DO take it!


Katie Rossler

My name is Katie Rössler, and I am a transformative grief guide, licensed counselor, author, and speaker.

I mix psychology and personality tools with self-care practices like guided meditation and relaxation techniques that help you prepare for what is to come. My unique way to approach grief creates a space for my clients and students to find more peace amidst what they are experiencing.

I’m not new to grief at all. In October 2018, I lost my mom and that first holiday experience had so many surprises in it. I wasn’t fully prepared for it all, and I realized there were some key tools I wish I had known to use ahead of time. I would like to teach you these, so you are better prepared for what’s to come.

Then came my second miscarriage on Christmas Eve 2019…it was like life kept purposely knocking me down. I felt alone, angry, sad, and broken.

I started to do my own grief healing work and discovered how to turn grief into a powerful tool for growth. Now I support others in learning how to do the same.

There is a way to experience a peaceful holiday time
allow space for your grief.



Over the three weeks you will learn:

How to create healthy boundaries with your loved ones…and I will teach you how to cope with the backlash that may come with this

Ways to simplify your holiday schedule to give you space for what grief you may experience

How to develop new and keep old traditions that make sense to you and your immediate family during the holiday season

What tools you can use to cope with grief in the expected and unexpected ways that it will show up

and of course, any questions you have at any time

For 3 weeks starting November 7th, you and your fellow group members will have full access to me for any questions and support in preparation for the holidays.

Let me be clear:

Grief isn’t just about losing someone.

Many of us have had our world’s shaken by what is happening around us.

This brings up grief, as we let go of our expectations of how things should be and better embrace how things are.

Grief is a natural part of life and needs to be supported as so.

This group is for anyone who is grieving from any life experiences that bring up emotions for you. 


During the 3-week program, I learnt the different stages of grief and I could identify with all of them, each stage helped me put into words what I was feeling and therefore helped to process the grief I was experiencing. With the help of practical exercises, I was able to let go of all that I was holding on to, move on and find meaning. Katie was very intentional in the way she helped me process each stage. I found the process empowering but mostly comforting. I was very grateful that I found this course and that I able to take part in it.

Munich Mom of three

It’s ok to be on the fence about a group like this.

It can be difficult to share what we are experiencing, but don’t let that stop you from being a part of an amazing group that can provide you the resources you need this year. 

You get to share and be as involved as you want to be. 

This group isn’t about us commiserating together or making each other feel worse.

The last thing we all need is to feel like our grief doesn’t compare to someone else’s!


This group is about giving you the resources you need and the support you desire to prepare for the holiday season to come.


More about the group: 

Every week, I will be going live 3 times a week to teach you about the topics we will be covering that week. There will be posts throughout each lesson to prompt you to think about and reflect on the topics and to help you go further in your learning. No you don’t have to be there for the live calls.

There will be an anonymous form you can fill out with your questions you would like to have answered on that call that day. Then you can watch the replay on your own time.

I want it to be super easy for you to find the answers you need when you need them the most!

I hear you: “But 3 weeks feels like a long time…”

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the fire hose style of teaching how to heal.

It’s not safe or healthy, frankly, and three weeks is already a short amount of time

if you really think about it.

As this is a pop up community November 7th through the 26th, I am making it super affordable right before the holiday season.

For 3 weeks of support, a private community, and resources and teachings from me, a transformative grief guide and licensed counselor, is: 



(price does not include VAT)

After the group is done and archived, you’ll still be able to access all the videos and resources at any time.

Payment can be made via Stripe in € or $.

Click the button and choose € or $ on the next page:

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