Do our words hold power? Can they really influence how we feel and act? If so, how can we shift them to feel more empowered? That’s what I sought how to discover in my interview with Stepanka Kuralova. She’s a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach, and in our discussion, we dove into the profound impact of the words we choose to use in our daily lives. This episode of the podcast has a lot of golden nuggets of wisdom, but I want to make sure you walkaway with these three takeaways from our talk.

Takeaway 1: Shift Your Language, Shift Your Life

Stepanka highlights the incredible power of language in shaping our experiences. Often, we unknowingly set ourselves up for failure by using disempowering words. A simple shift in language can move us from feeling like victims to becoming empowered creators of our lives. For instance, Stepanka suggests replacing words like “must” or “have to” with “can” or “choose to.” This subtle change can bring about a profound shift in our mindset and feelings. Reflect on how often you are using words that make you feel like you have chains on you versus a sense of freedom and choice.

Takeaway 2: Choose Empowering Words

Our words, even those we perceive as neutral, carry weight and influence our thoughts and emotions. Stepanka encourages us to be intentional in choosing empowering words. By doing so, we can create a positive impact on our subconscious mind and cultivate a more optimistic outlook. Like the examples before, expressing “I want to” or “I am choosing to” instead of “I have to” changes the energy behind our words and transforms how we perceive our actions and responsibilities. All of a sudden we feel a sense of choice again in our lives which leads to more empowerment.

Takeaway 3: Take Ownership of Choices

Stepanka urges us to recognize that many aspects of our lives are choices we actively make. Whether it’s chores, personal goals, or work-related tasks, acknowledging and taking ownership of these choices is crucial. This mindset shift allows us to move away from a victim mentality and step into the role of active decision-makers in our lives. By owning our choices, we reclaim control and foster a sense of empowerment. The more we make these shifts the more we feel excited to get up each day versus dreading what’s to come.

In a world where our words shape our reality, Stepanka’s insights serve as a valuable reminder to be mindful of the language we use. Whether it’s in our self-talk, interactions with others, or even in written form online, the words we choose have the power to influence our experiences. As you go about your day, consider experimenting with these shifts in language and observe the transformative impact on your mindset and well-being.

Remember, our words hold power. Use them wisely.

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