Transform your clients life challenges into their greatest legacy footprints through the

Legacy Growth Methodology™.

Lisa always felt like an outsider in her family and friend groups. She started to adapt her personality and identity to match those around her so she could fit it. The Legacy Growth Methodology™ helped her learn how hidden grief was impacting her ability to authentically be herself in her relationships . Lisa worked on healing old wounds that others had caused and to fearlessly step into her true self. Now, she is creating a greater legacy by going after her dream of improving the sustainable wine industry.

Jason was going through a divorce that left him questioning everything. His personality had shifted in his relationship after experiencing multiple heartbreaks in his life. Jason wasn’t sure who he was anymore. The Legacy Growth Methodology™ helped him understand how unresolved grief was keeping him from being his true self. He learned how to forgive and release the pain from the past allowing him to start to show up in life as the real Jason. He no longer needed to people please or bend over backwards to make sure others didn’t leave him. Now, Jason is biking in the Alps on the weekends and started a new job that he is loving. He feels like he can fully be himself for the first time in a long time. 

The Legacy Growth Methodology™ is here to help you guide your clients through an amazing transformation that helps them find their true personality and identity again after years of pain. 


Grief impacts who we are and how we present ourselves in the world. We hide and mask our challenges while struggling with physical and mental health issues behind closed doors.

What if we could change this experience for our clients so they can every day fully be the authentic warriors that they are AND build their legacy now?


After 15 years of experience as a counselor and transformative grief guide, Katie Rössler has created a way for you to guide your clients through identifying and releasing hidden grief that is keeping them stuck from the progress they deserve to be making with you.


You see, hidden grief occurs throughout our lives. It’s largely created by our society’s belief that grief is mainly associated with death….but this isn’t true!


Grief is the natural and normal experience when we let go of the way we thought life would or should go and move towards accepting how life is.

We experience grief due to:

Losing a job or a home 

Experiencing war 

Having a miscarriage or losing a baby 

Going through a natural disaster 

Going through a breakup, separation or divorce 

Losing someone you love 

Having a dream unfulfilled for your child or yourself 

Moving to another country or going through reverse culture shock 

Experiencing a life altering health condition

Going through a major move, change, or a rite of passage (going off to college, parenthood, empty nest)


Over time this grief builds up when it is not addressed impacting our ability

to be our true selves each day keeping us from living our purpose.


The Legacy Growth Methodology™ teaches you how to help clients identify the hidden grief in their lives that they have been ignoring to bring about the greatest change. 

You will teach them how grief is one of the most practical and powerful tools for our growth and how it transforms our lives when we allow healing to occur. 

After your clients have worked on healing their grief, you’ll have the tools to guide them so they can turn their pain into empowerment leading to a life of purpose and legacy.


How to get certified:

The Legacy Growth Methodology™ certification program is 16+ hours over the course of 4 months. 

Students are provided:

  •  a workbook
  • copy of the live training videos
  • support videos for between lessons
  • a Voxer group for continued discussion
  • homework to complete for review

This certification program is perfect for the clinician or coach who is ready to take their services to the next level of healing and transformation for their clients. 

It calls for you to not be scared of your own hidden grief, so expect to do the work you will be leading your clients through.

Katie will be teaching you effective strategies to use each session with your clients that help grief become the greatest tool for their progress leading to greater growth in your own business.

Once you are certified, you will receive a certificate of completion, a digital badge to put on your website and on social media, as well as be added to the directory of Legacy Growth Leaders.

You will also be first to know of continued trainings being offered for certified practitioners and have the option to receive case consultation support.

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What you’ll learn and gain:

1. How to be able to identify hidden grief experiences in clients through symptoms, stories presented, and a timeline based on their learning style

2. How to define grief that helps to normalize and validate your clients’ experiences while educating them on how grief impacts their personality and identity

3. How to educate your client about their personality and guide them through recognizing where they are unable to be authentically themselves in core areas of their lives

4. Which tools to use with your clients based on the types of hidden grief they are facing to help them heal 

5. How to help your client formulate the identity they want to have versus they have been conditioned to have

6. Understand how to identify legacy footprints and purpose projects for your clients based on their strengths and healing

7. Have a toolbox of resources to help clients learn how to experience and contain challenging emotions to limit the impact of them on others around them (Emotional Intelligence tools)

8. Understand how to market your certification and capabilities to increase your business

Registration is open now for the next group beginning September 24, 2022.



Katie Rössler picture

Who is Katie Rössler?

Katie has been described by many as the Brené Brown of grief. Brené guided us all on the journey to understanding shame and vulnerability as it leads to our greater courage and leadership. Katie is here to guide us on a journey of understanding grief and challenges as one of our greatest tools for growth to live a life of purpose and legacy.

She brings a fresh, new perspective to an experience that so many of us dread. Katie has worked in homes, schools, locked facilities, community centers and private practice providing therapy and grief support to hundreds of clients both in the USA and in Germany. Katie is the author of the book The New Face of Grief and her second book she is co-authoring will be out this fall. 

Katie has presented workshops to The Boston Consulting Group, Athena Network, Facebook Community Circles Munich, MOPS International, Creative Mornings Munich and Women Entrepreneurs of Munich. Her newest research on how hidden grief impacts our identity and personality will be leading the next generation of coaches and therapists to improve the work they do with their clients. Katie has discovered that hidden grief can negatively impact how we see ourselves and keep us from accepting personality characteristics that are actually our strengths.


The dates of the fall 2022 program are:


September 24th, October 1st, October 8th, October 22nd,

November 5th, November 19th, December 3rd, and December 17th

 All calls are from 4-6pm CET / 10am-12pm EST

 Come learn this powerful methodology that is changing how people look at the events that have happened in their lives and guide your clients towards living the life of legacy they desire.

Investing in your legacy with the Legacy Growth Certification costs:


Register between July 1st and August 15th to pay 1800€ / $1919

By September 5th 1999€ / $2131

After September 5th, registration is full price at 2200€ / $2345


How long is the certification program?

16+ hours over the course of 4 months. There will be 8 live calls total. Each will be two hours long to allot for learning, discussion and Q&A. Homework assignments will be given for the weeks the group is not meeting live. 


Do I need to attend calls live?

It is important you are live to the calls. That being said, we understand if you need to miss a call due to an emergency. We ask that you miss no more than two calls and share ahead of time that you will not be attending. 


Are there payment plans?

Yes, there are 2, 3, and 4 month payment plans available. Payments are made through Stripe and can be paid in either € or $. 


Can I speak with Katie before signing up for the certification program?

Of course. Katie is able to do 20 minute calls with potential students to answer any questions and share more about the program. Register for a call HERE.

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