You are amazing at what you do.


You serve your clients with your whole heart and can see what life will look like for them on the other side of their healing.

There’s one piece of the puzzle, though, in working with your clients that you realize you are missing.

You notice as they do the work to grow a theme keeps coming up: Grief

They are grieving their old selves,

grieving dreams that never came to fruition,

grieving the past though they are grateful for the present,

and they don’t know how to grieve something that isn’t a real death.

Most of us are not really trained in grief work as clinicians, coaches and healers.

We understand the concept of it. We’re familiar with the stages, but there’s something about our clients’ grief that doesn’t fit what we know.

It’s because they are experiencing hidden grief and working with this type of grief takes specific techniques that The Legacy Growth Methodologyholds.

The Legacy Growth Methodology™ is here to teach you how to guide your clients through an amazing transformation that helps them find their true personality and identity again

after years of hiding. 


Not only does this certification program hold the keys for you to work with your clients more effectively it takes it a step deeper.

You’re an expert in your field. You’ve put the hours in and love what you do. Every participant in the program will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each meeting. Case studies will come from your own work making the methodology fully applicable to your focus area of work.

Sounds amazing, right?


This program is unlike any other certification program.

For you to learn the methodology, you will be going on the journey your clients will go on as well.

You will work on healing your hidden grief so you can meet your clients from a deeper state of healed understanding.

When we live authentically, clients can tell.

There is strength in leading by example.

katie rossler

During The Legacy Growth Certification program, we will go on a journey of healing hidden grief around topics such as:

  • sexuality

  • gender

  • life and death

  • societal based roles

  • health and wellness (including food)

  • family and relationships

Grief is the natural and normal experience of us letting go of the way you thought life would or “should” go and moving towards accepting how life is.

To heal your hidden grief,  you have to decondition a myriad of false beliefs around what you are still holding on to.

By going on this journey yourself, you can walk in the steps of your clients before them.

It allows you to hold a sacred space for the work they will be doing. 

When you don’t heal your hidden grief, it impacts your personality and identity.


It keeps you from living authentically with purpose.

Once you have healed your hidden grief, you discover sides of yourself that have been hidden for years.

You find your purpose again and feel a desire to leave a greater legacy.

The Legacy Growth Methodology™ teaches you how to guide your clients through not only the healing process but how to help them find their legacy footprints in this lifetime. 

Their pain becomes their greatest tool for growth and strengthens the legacy they leave.

How to get certified:

The Legacy Growth Methodology™ certification program is 16+ hours over the course of 4 months. 

Students are provided:

  •  a workbook
  • copy of the live training videos
  • support videos for between lessons
  • a Voxer group for continued discussion
  • homework to complete for review

This certification program is perfect for the clinician or coach who is ready to take their services to the next level of healing and transformation for their clients. 

It calls for you to not be scared of your own hidden grief, so expect to do the work you will be leading your clients through.

Katie will be teaching you effective strategies to use each session with your clients that help grief become the greatest tool for their progress leading to greater growth in your own business.

Once you are certified, you will receive a certificate of completion, a digital badge to put on your website and on social media, as well as be added to the directory of Legacy Growth Leaders.

You will also be first to know of continued trainings being offered for certified practitioners and have the option to receive case consultation support.

legacy growth certification logo
Katie Rössler picture

Who is Katie Rössler?

Katie has been described by many as the Brené Brown of grief. Brené guided us all on the journey to understanding shame and vulnerability as it leads to our greater courage and leadership. Katie is here to guide us on a journey of understanding grief and challenges as one of our greatest tools for growth to live a life of purpose and legacy.

She brings a fresh, new perspective to an experience that so many of us have learned to dread. Katie has worked in homes, schools, locked facilities, community centers and private practice providing therapy and grief support to hundreds of clients both in the USA and in Germany. Katie is the author of the book The New Face of Grief and her second book she is co-authoring will be out this fall. 

Katie has presented workshops to The Boston Consulting Group, Athena Network, The Creativity Conference, Facebook Community Circles Munich, MOPS International, Creative Mornings Munich and Women Entrepreneurs of Munich. Her newest research on how hidden grief impacts our identity and personality will be leading the next generation of coaches and therapists to improve the work they do with their clients. Katie has discovered that hidden grief can negatively impact how we see ourselves and keep us from accepting personality characteristics that are actually our strengths.

The dates of the January 2023 program will be announced mid-October.

Get on the waitlist to receive information when registration is available.


This is a 4 month program beginning again at the end of January 2023.
Spaces are limited and priority will be given to those who registered for the waitlist.

 Come learn this powerful methodology that is changing how people look at the events that have happened in their lives and guide your clients towards living the life of legacy they desire.


How long is the certification program?

16+ hours over the course of 4 months. There will be 8 live calls total. Each will be two hours long to allot for learning, discussion and Q&A. Homework assignments will be given for the weeks the group is not meeting live. 


Do I need to attend calls live?

It is important you are live to the calls. That being said, we understand if you need to miss a call due to an emergency. We ask that you miss no more than two calls and share ahead of time that you will not be attending. 


Are there payment plans?

Yes, there are 2, 3, and 4 month payment plans available. Payments are made through Stripe and can be paid in either € or $. 


Can I speak with Katie before signing up for the certification program?

Of course. Katie is able to do 20 minute calls with potential students to answer any questions and share more about the program. Register for a call HERE.

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