Are you thinking about making a career pivot? You are not alone! I interviewed Tamara Wamsley, a seasoned success strategist with a wealth of experience in guiding individuals through transformative career transitions. We explored the details of recognizing the signs that it’s time for change beyond just having a feeling. Tamara introduced how we can navigate the journey towards finding a career path that matches our true strengths and passions. She shared great insights to help us all from her work with clients worldwide. Here are my three takeaways from our chat:


Takeaway 1: Embracing Unfulfillment as a Signpost

Tamara shares that a common thread among her clients is a deep sense of unfulfillment in their work. It often masquerades as burnout or disengagement. This dissatisfaction can stem from a misalignment between our natural strengths and the work we’re currently doing. Recognizing this lack of fulfillment is the first step towards realizing the need for change.

Takeaway 2: Harnessing Strengths for Purposeful Transition

Through the Clifton Strengths Assessment, Tamara empowers her clients to uncover their unique strengths and leverage them in crafting fulfilling career paths. First we need to identify our natural talents and align them with our professional goals. Then, we can pave the way for a more purposeful and rewarding journey. The key is what comes natural to you won’t feel so impressive, so finding a tool like the Clifton Strengths Assessment can be extra helpful.

Takeaway 3: Cultivating Courage to Embrace Change

Fear of failure and societal expectations often impact our willingness to pivot in our careers. However, Tamara emphasizes the importance of challenging limiting beliefs and embracing discomfort as essential components of growth. By reframing our mindset and acknowledging that we can be successful in uncharted territory, we can develop the courage to pursue our true passions. It can mean walking a path we haven’t seen others in our family or friend group take, and that’s ok!

The journey towards finding professional fulfillment requires introspection, courage, and a willingness to embrace change. As Tamara shares, living a life true to ourselves is the ultimate goal—one where joy, purpose, and authenticity intertwine seamlessly. Making a career pivot can be one step in living that life finally. Remember, the path to fulfillment and balance begins with a single step towards alignment with our true strengths and passions.

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