Men’s Mental Health

In this episode of The Balance Code Podcast, we delve into a topic that often gets swept under the rug: men's mental health. My guest today is Simon Rinne, a dedicated men's therapist and advocate for mental wellness from Australia. Together, we bring this important...

The Progress Trap

Today, we're delving into the concept of the "progress trap" and how it affects our journey toward personal growth and balance. We often get stuck in this "trap" when we feel like we're not moving forward fast enough, if at all. The frustration of it all adds to us...

The Balance Code Podcast Season 2 Review

Season two of The Balance Code Podcast is coming to an end. Before we dive headfirst into the exciting new content of season three, I would love to take a moment to reflect on the powerful lessons learned throughout this last season. Here are the key takeaways and...

Welcome to The Balance Code Podcast

A place where you have permission to step outside the hamster wheel of day to day life and learn tools to create more balance.

Below you will find all of the episodes for The Balance Code Podcast and a little more information about each episode. Explore and find your favorites. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your key takeaways from the episode. Here’s to finding your balance code!

Season 3

Men’s Mental Health
The Progress Trap
Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

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