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Welcome to The Balance Code Podcast

A place where you have permission to step outside the hamster wheel of day to day life and learn tools to create more balance.


Below you will find all of the episodes for The Balance Code Podcast and a little more information about each episode. Explore and find your favorites. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your key takeaways from the episode. Here’s to finding your balance code!


Season 2

How to Build Mental Resilience with Krystle Kustanovich podcast interview graphic for The Balance Code
how to rediscover your passion for life The Balance Code graphic
how to stay consistent
how to rediscover your passion for life The Balance Code graphic
Does Your past Define You graphic with Katie Rössler
How to stop multi-tasking with Amanda Ewin podcast graphic

Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Are you dancing with burnout right now and don’t know where to turn?

The Balance Code podcast is the perfect space for you to learn tools to support you in creating greater balance in your life. Each episode explores a different area of life balance on our terms. Dive in and see what areas you are ready to make some changes in to create your balance code.

And if you find you’re ready to work with Katie, then CLICK HERE for a free Uncover Your Blocks Strategy Session to get started.

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