Positive Connections

A 4 month program empowering you to connect, communicate,
and create the life you desire together.

I invite you on a journey to create positive connections that change the mindset of “this is just how things are in this season of life” to “we are more connected now than ever before!”

Positive Connections couple sitting on beach together

Feel less like roommates…and more like intimate lovers.

Busy schedules, different priorities, and constant interruptions (“why am I staring at my phone again?”) make it easy for you to let the relationship be on the back burner. Let’s be honest, we check the percentage of our cell phone battery way more often than we check our relationship’s health.

Maybe you started feeling more like roommates who work well together than lovers who can’t take their hands off each other.

Positive Connections

The separation you feel between you and your partner
happens on a daily basis in small ways.

You hear from friends that relationships in your circle are ending because of something big that happened. But that’s not always true. It’s the daily missed connection moments, like scrolling on your phone instead of caressing your partners cheek before they walk out the door to work, that over time leads to the bigger separation between a couple.

Whether you want to prevent more disconnect from happening or you want to repair what’s already been done, the Positive Connections Program is perfect for you. Like, seriously, this is a total game changer!


The “Knock Your Socks Off” 4 Month Program
(and you’ll be happy to see them on the floor!)


Let me lead you and your partner on a four month transformative journey, as we focus on four key areas of your relationship based on the work I have done with couples over the last 15 years. These are the four areas that come up with every couple I work with, and I have a fresh new method for improving how couples apply them to their relationships.

Month 1: Recognizing Your Lifetime Patterns
We all have patterns, habits, and cycles we play out over and over throughout our lives in a variety of ways. The first month of the program I am going to teach you how to pull out exactly what patterns you and your partner are playing out AND how to shift them! This will decrease hurt feelings, arguing, and improve how you communicate when something your partner says doesn’t sit right with you.

Month 2: Healthy Arguing
Do you argue too much? Not enough? We will dive into the art of arguing and what is really going on in our brains and bodies when we are upset. You’ll take the “Arguing Styles Test” and discover how you and your partner can improve in how you communicate during disagreements. We all have them! Why not learn a better way to get through them?

Month 3: Connecting More
Have you ever heard your partner say to you “I just don’t feel like you love me anymore.” and it makes you want to look at them like they just grew a third arm? (Or maybe you’ve said that to your partner and they’ve given you that look!) Often we show our partner love in ways they aren’t able to receive. Learn exactly how to show each other love in the ways they WILL see it and notice how your connection grows!

Month 4: Compromising and Creating Together
When you bring together two people into a relationship, you are bringing together different personalities, histories, and family and cultural norms. Most of us don’t know how to navigate all that easily, except to say “Why do you do it that way?!?” Learn how your unique traits can lead to many of your arguments and what to do about it so no one has to compromise more than the other. 

Is This for You?

The Positive Connections Program is tailor-made for couples who: 

  • Struggle with time and energy but want to work on improving their relationship.
  • Always wondered if couples therapy would help but one of you thinks you should be able to figure it out on your own.
  • Have a deep love for each other but don’t always like each other. (yep, I said it!)
  • Enjoy personal growth work and are willing to put into practice simple strategies between training calls.
  • Know that their relationship matters and are ready to make it a priority again.

Work smarter, not harder on your relationship

It’s normal to buy the relationship books and not get around to reading them or to send your partner an amazing podcast episode you KNOW will help but they never get around to listening to it.

Adding more to our to do lists, even for the sake of helping our relationship, feels overwhelming, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s why I have designed this program to take up a small amount of time each month but have a BIG impact.


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The Details

Live Calls Only Once a Month: Show up for our once a month, 90 minute calls to learn the skills you will focus on that month. You’ll be led through exercises to do during the call and have time to ask your questions anonymously in a private chat space during the Zoom call. One or both of you can’t attend live? Watch the replay and email me your questions afterwards. No problem!

Weekly Emails With Fun Tips to Connect: Accountability is key to changing habits. Weekly reminder emails with tips and tools focused on that month’s theme will be sent to your inbox every Monday to start your week focusing on building your relationship stronger.

Bonus 30 Minute Call with Katie: During our four months together, you and your partner get one 30 minute call with me as a bonus for doing the program. Ask me anything from what you have learned or allow me to help you dive deeper into your exploration around your communication, connection, and how you create together.


Get on the Waiting List for the Next Round

Katie Rössler

Who is Katie Rössler?

I am a licensed therapist and burnout and hidden grief specialist with 15 years of experience in the field. My own relationship is always the catalyst for the programs, courses, and work that I do. Watching my parents go through a divorce when I was a teen, made me realize how important it was to work on communication and connection with my husband as much as possible…

And then we had three kids! Well, life looks very different for us now as we navigate work and home life, while growing individually and as a couple. Applying the skills I have learned as a therapist and completing level 2 training of the Gottman Method strengthens my ability to support the couples that I work with. And my clients love when I share real life examples from my own marriage for the tools I am teaching them! (“What?!? You had these problems too?”) Let me empower you on your own journey of developing positive connections in your relationship.

The Three Areas You Need to Consider Before Signing Up

Time: Your time is valuable, and heck it feels like there’s not a lot of it nowadays. Think about all the time you have spent arguing and being upset. This is time you won’t get back, and frankly, you don’t want to keep losing on negative emotions and connection. Once you do finally decide to get support from a coach or counselor, it takes even more time to find a spot that works for both of your calendars on a work day AND to find a professional available.

SO, I created this program to be smart about your time. Take 90 minutes, one Saturday a month to grow together. The schedule is already set, and you can mark your calendars now so no one double books! ; ) The weekly emails you receive with fun and creative ways to help you create deeper connection each week will take you a matter of minutes to read and however many minutes you want to implement.

Money: Sadly, I learned in my teens the financial cost of a divorce. It was a cost that I desire to help couples avoid. My clients know that when they invest in working with me they are saving themselves financial pain later on. This program is value packed, and I promise to deliver my wealth of knowledge and experience I’ve gained over 15 years. I also want to make sure you can afford it, so I have created a variety of payment plans that can work with your budget.

Choose between paying in full (and receiving a bonus!), splitting it in two, three or four payments. More info below.

Energy: Have you ever noticed how when you do things you enjoy you feel more energy? On the flip side, have you ever noticed how much arguing and feeling negative emotions towards your partner sucks out your energy? It’s mentally and emotionally taxing! The goal is to get you in a place that strengthening your relationship feels awesome and gives you energy. I want your battery to be filled more times than not when you are together, so you have energy for the other things that matter in your life too!


couple with sparklers

Start 2024 knowing you will be building a stronger, healthier relationship this year


1) Do my partner and I both have to attend the live calls?
If you can, that would be great! When you learn something new together at the same time it can help a lot in making it something you apply in your life really quickly. But I understand that can’t always happen. The replay is sent to you after and I encourage you to take time together to watch, do the activities and discuss what you have learned.

2) What if we just want to work with you individually?
What you are learning in this group is what I teach my clients in the first three to four sessions. This group will save you time and money so that when you do start working with me, you’ll have the foundations and know exactly what to focus on in our sessions. If you still want to work with me individually instead, email me at katie@katierossler.com to find out my availability at this time. 

3) What if we have questions between the live calls?
I hope you do! This means you are really learning and integrating each theme. You are always welcome to email me your questions or ask during the live calls.

4) I’m not comfortable sharing in a group our private issues. I don’t want my partner or I to feel awkward and then not want to do the program anymore. Am I able to participate during the live calls? Will I still get the most out of the experience if I don’t share?
Absolutely! You can apply everything you learn without needing to share in the group. Some people find value in hearing other people’s stories but you don’t have to share yours. That’s your business. You can always ask me questions in a private chat during the live calls for me to answer without sharing your name.

Struggling to decide if this program is for you? Email me at info@katierossler.com and we can discuss what makes the most sense in this season of your life.

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