One of the things so many moms struggle with is losing their identity. Let’s face it, society also encourages it by making us feel guilty (hello, mom guilt), when we don’t spend every waking hour thinking about our kids. Our husbands are put on the back burner and our self-care routine is non-existent.

So many influencers recommend taking a weekend getaway by yourself or going to the spa weekly, but from my experience and speaking with countless women about this subject that is not always sustainable or even doable when you have little ones…let alone the impact it can have on your budget!

So today, I’m sharing easy and practical ways to create a self-care routine for busy moms.


Remember What You Enjoyed Doing

Let’s think back to before we had kids… eek! For many of us that is hard to do because we feel like we’re completely different now. Sit and really reflect on what you enjoyed doing before having kids. This will help you to better identify where to start and some quick ideas of things you can do!

Did you used to love going to concerts? Check out what bands are coming to your area in the next few months or search for live music playing at your favorite local restaurant or bar. What about going to the movies with friends? To be honest, most of us have no clue what is playing in the movie theater right now, but if this was something you used to love doing, then make it a once a month outing for you and your mom friends to get out of the house and enjoy.

When we start doing the activities we used to love, a piece of us feels reconnected. We feel like us again and it’s actually quite easy to still tap in to. We just tend to forget how to do it. 

Incorporate Self-Care Daily

As much as I love a spa day and trips by myself to refuel, as a mom, I know these are few and far between. So, yes maybe scheduling a spa day once a month or even once a quarter for yourself is a great way to treat yourself, but let’s also think of smaller actions you can do weekly or daily. 

To give us more intentional and scheduled time, my husband and I both get one evening a week to use as we please. My weekly evenings vary:

  • Get out of the house and do something I enjoy
  • Have dinner with some girlfriends
  • Lock the bathroom door, take a long bath, read a book, and go to bed early

Scheduling your self-care sounds like a no brainer, but if you’re anything like me, it doesn’t get done if it’s not on my calendar. You must pick a day and create a plan for it, or it’s too easy to forget about it. In addition, this gives my husband and I an evening to unwind and to do what we want.  Win-win! Creating a self-care routine for busy moms is all about planning it ahead of time!

Involve Your Kids

With the limited time we have, we often forget the possibility of incorporating our kids into our self-care routines. From working out to painting our nails at home, activities like these are a great way to still practice self-care and let your kids be a part of it! The issue is we tend to think we can’t do things because of our kids.

One of my past clients enjoyed going to the local art museum before having kids. I remember her telling me she didn’t get to go anymore since becoming a mom. It had been 6 years since she had been to an art museum!!! I challenged her to try going with kids and just see what happened. The mom took her kids one weekend and they loved it!  She was so surprised and the kids even asked to go again.

Involving self-care with kids not only helps you do things for yourself, you are also setting a great example for your kids too! Remember to incorporate you into your motherhood.

With the limited amount of time we have as moms, scheduling time for self-care must become a priority. Never underestimate how much better you’ll feel even with 30 minutes or an hour doing something that is good for your soul. It doesn’t always have to be an extravagant thing, but it is the small things you do on a daily and weekly basis that make the biggest difference in your life. Helping to create a self-care routine for busy moms is something I am super passionate about because I know it helps with our sanity in this phase of life!

Now it’s your turn. What is one thing you liked to do before having kids that you can incorporate back into your life? Share with us below!

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