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Couples have been close to my heart since graduate school. We enter into a relationship as individuals and navigating how to become a “we” is downright challenging at some points.

It’s important to learn healthy communication skills, ways to connect, and how to weather the storms of life. Many times this wasn’t role modeled for us very well, so we are left figuring it out without much of a compass.

The resources you find here will be a great place for you to begin learning better ways to feel less like roommates and more like a couple again.

Find resources and support in the way you need it by clicking one of the sections below:


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“Katie has a skilled way of helping us share our emotions, teach us new models or concepts that help us understand our behavior and feelings better, provide practical advice for how to move forward, and you give meaningful reflection assignments.”

Nikki & Leo

“Where was this course when I first got married?!  Only a few days into the course our dynamic changed from combative to understanding. “


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