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The New Face Of Grief

Written by Katie Rössler, LPC

In this transformative book, Katie takes you on a journey of discovering grief as a normal and natural part of life, one that helps you grow into a more powerful version of yourself. 

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It’s time to change how we understand grief.

Grief is not only a reaction to death and loss, but also a natural part of life. Once embraced, it can help you transform into a more powerful version of yourself.

By leaning in to the transformative process of grief, Katie Rössler normalizes a topic society doesn’t discuss enough. One that when ignored, can lead to addiction, disconnection from loved ones, and increased stress.

Within these pages, Katie provides indispensable tools of support. On your grief journey, learn to turn pain into empowerment.



  • Why it’s time to upgrade the definition of grief
  • How to break the old rules of grief and create your own
  • What the phases of grief can offer you
  • Ways to heal and to use grief to help you grow
  • Stories of women from around the world sharing their grief experiences


Mental health issues are on the rise worldwide. Katie’s easy-to-follow steps and guidance will help you heal from your past and lead you to live a healthier and happier life.

“The New Face of Grief by Katie Rössler arrives at a time when grief is enveloping so many of us in so many different aspects of our lives.Through the relating of her own experiences in life and her work with countless clients, Katie presents an accessible narrative that outline show we can re-imagine grief as a starting anew. I didn’t expect to be pulled in so deeply, nor to connect with how unresolved and hidden grief can so powerfully weave their way through our day to day. This book provides a framework to reflect upon those experiences, create space to process, absorb, feel, pull apart and then put back together the emotions of grief in a growth focused manner – one that breaks down the unhealthy messages many of us have internalized around this universal aspect of life and provides us with healthy and empowering alternatives. An absolute must-share with my clients, my counselor-in-training students and supervisees, and of course, family and friends. Thank you Katie for the powerful and authentic stories, metaphors, and supports shared!”

– Dr. Carrie Lynn Bailey, LPC, NCC, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Faculty – Walden University


“In The New Face of Grief we have a fresh look at the often-mysterious grief dynamics that are universal to the human experience. Katie Rössler offers us personal anecdotes, nuggets of research finding, and poignant sharing by other grievers, all woven together with senses of humanity and humor. Drawing from Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief (1969),Katie breathes new life and adds depth and modern application including concrete strategies and exercises. Ultimately, we all grieve; here we have illumination for the path. This book offers us hope through normalizing experiences and utilizing them for transformation and growth.

– Dr. Johnston Brendel, LPC, LMFT, Clinical Associate Professor – The College of William & Mary

The New Face of Grief is practical, approachable, relatable, and essential to navigating life’s ups and downs. By reframing what grief is and how we should think about it, Katie Rossler is asking us to change cultural norms for the better.



“The way it is written feels like a friend is sitting with you, helping guide you through your thoughts, and helping you find new ways to think about what you thought you knew. As someone who has done a lot of grief work personally, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone searching to find ways to grow with your grief instead of out of it.



“A fantastic resource for anyone dealing with grief or struggling to cope with all the changes and upheaval of the past 18 months!



The New Face of Grief is inspiring and beautiful! The author uses real life examples to explain why and how we process grief, and how we can use grief to grow as human beings. Sharing vulnerability, wisdom and practical insights, this book will give you the tips to transform sadness into joy!



A beautifully written guide to grief, that doesn’t just teach you to manage it but gives you the tools to learn from it. For me, the most effective aspect was the inclusion of real grief stories. Reading them, you feel less alone.



“Rössler has crafted an approachable, fresh take on the grieving process. Easy to read and free from jargon. Like a conversation with a friend. The book shines a light on the murky and often shrouded topic of grief. Somehow Rössler is able to present grief through a lens of clarity and precision without losing compassion or respect for the depth of the grieving process.



Sometimes there comes a book that touches you deeply. Every page pulls at your emotions, brings tears of acknowledgment, and you are gripped by the learning experiences of others. The New Face of Grief is that inspiring book ~ easy to read, where you understand and take away so much in a short span of time.


“A must-have contemporary guidebook for those who are grieving and their helpers.
All in all, this book is a succinct treasure trove for all grief-related questions and challenges. I recommend this as a handbook for yourself and also your loved ones. We cannot face what we do not understand. When we find a simple guide, like in the pages of this book, the journey may feel less lonely and far less intimidating.”



Rössler, a licensed professional counselor, explores a new way we can understand, work through, heal from, and even “upgrade” our experience of a common and natural passage of life: grief. In a highly accessible style, Rössler introduces and reconsiders the five familiar stages of grief, touching on how grief is born out of trauma and life changes, and unpacks how we can reimagine western societal standards to view bereavement differently. Most importantly, Rӧssler delves into the human ability to be resilient once grief strikes, giving hope and encouragement to her readers. Beyond self-help, ​Rӧssler aims to support her audience in better understanding the breadth of grief as well as coaching them on to help others who may be experiencing it.

Rössler demonstrates a keen skill for breaking down concepts and exploring–and challenging–our preconceived ideas and thoughts, through analysis of the phases and types of grief, all illuminated by relatable examples and anecdotes from her own and her clients’ lives. She notes how some cultures share communal expressions of grief, and reminds readers that learning to face, acknowledge, and grow from it doesn’t just benefit the individual: “It’s also to help future generations in your family, neighborhood, community, culture to be more comfortable with grief as well.” Rössler writes about women’s experiences with grief, but her teachings are universal: all are welcomed to learn about grief and how to manage it.

Rössler helps readers retrain their current beliefs and expectations surrounding grieving “do’s” and “don’t’s” to work through grief in a healthier way. Throughout, she acknowledges that, despite the framework of those stages, there is no standard bereavement process. One pressing passage covers how to reach out to others who are facing grief and trauma, especially in the global pandemic, including what not to say and how to respond if they’re not ready to talk. Rӧssler’s contemporary definition of grief will help readers and beyond with the most common emotional process known to humanity.

Takeaway: A contemporary definition of grief that offers readers creative ways to manage and heal.

About the author:

Katie Rössler is a licensed professional counselor, transformative grief guide, speaker, and author from the USA living in Munich, Germany. Her career has taken her on a journey of working in homes, schools, residential facilities, and private practice in two countries, as well as speaking to groups like MOPS International. After experiencing the sudden loss of her mom followed by two miscarriages, she began exploring the world of grief in a new way. She found strength in seeing grief as a tool for growth and discovered ways to teach others how to transform their pain into empowerment, creating life changing results. Katie is a wife, mom of three, and loves spending time by the water.

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“Ever since Elizabeth Kubler-Ross published On Death and Dying in 1969, we have been aware of the complex nature of dealing with grief associated with loss. Although Kubler-Ross outlined  stages of the grief process that enabled us to begin the study of grief, it has become increasingly clear that grief is more complex and more individual than we previously thought. In her book, The New Face of Grief, Katie Rössler has provided us with an expanded model of grief; one which takes into account the major losses in our lives but also, and perhaps most importantly, addresses accumulated losses that can be equally harmful. These accumulated losses are often unnoticed or may affect us in ways that make it difficult to identify the underlying cause. Katie Rössler raises our awareness of this grief, and by sharing her own journey and the journeys of those she has helped, she provides us with new and effective approaches to understand and heal from the grief that has held us back in so many ways. I highly recommend this book to both mental health professionals and those searching for new ways to find greater happiness in their lives.”

-Dr. Rick Gressard, NCC, LPC, ACA Fellow, William & Mary Chancellor Professor Emeritus

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