Katie Rössler

I help ambitious, goal driven people who are ready to let go of past regrets, create dreams that don’t end in burnout, and feel empowered to live more in the moment.


My work has been described like a spa for your soul.

A deep tissue massage doesn’t always feel good in the moment, but afterwards, you feel amazing, right?

This is what my clients experience after our work together. They know that facing challenging
emotions and issues from their past
are needed in order to grow and heal.

I feel like I am lighter and more relaxed during my everyday life after working with Katie. I can enjoy the little things much better, am way more emotionally stable and less triggered by my kids than before, which is worth sooooo much!


You know something keeps blocking you. Something from your past that’s unresolved and all you keep seeing is stress and overwhelm pushing you to avoid it more and more. Problem is… it’s not going anywhere and you don’t feel better.

One of my gifts I bring to the work I do with my clients is the ability to get to the heart of what is keeping you blocked without you needing to tell the story over and over again. My methodology helps you make sense of what has happened and helps you to take back control of how you feel and what you think in your day to day life.

Clients have come to me to:

-work on the feeling that they’re not where they thought they would be by now

-break the need for drinking wine every night to cope with a stressful day

-grieve the dream that never became a reality

-figure out whether or not to stay in their current relationship

-be triggered less by family members who do and say the “wrong” things a lot…but are not going anywhere

-finally enjoy their life that looks good on paper but their survival mode keeps impacting


Here are ways you and I can work together:

Mini Soul Spa Session – 300€

90 minute session cleaning house on an area you are stuck in your life. We will figure out where it comes from, why it’s keeping you stuck, the belief systems around it that need to be shifted and how to move forward with a new mindset and belief system.

You, Reinvented – 3 months, 2700€

We meet for 6 sessions (90 minutes each) over 3 months to help you process your past, rediscover and redefine who you are, and pave the way forward with a new mindset of clarity and empowerment.

When you register for this package you receive:

  • Videos to complete before sessions using the methodology I created to get quicker, more impactful results for my clients
  • Access to guided meditations, tapping (EFT) videos, and educational videos for more support between sessions
  • Email and text support from me while we work together

You, Reinvented – 6 months, 5000€

I’ve never had a client not extend after the 3 months. They desire to continue the accountability and encouragement they get from sessions. Real life happens even after we do this work together, so knowing I am still there to support them when they need it is a plus!

For this package we meet for 12 sessions (90 minutes each) over 6-9 months. The first 3 months are explained above and the following 6 sessions are for you to use the following 3-6 months afterwards as you explore life with fewer triggers, less hidden grief, and more enjoyment. You get access to everything above, including the email and text support during the time we are working together.

***Payment plans are available. You can pay via Stripe, Paypal, or (in Europe) Überweisung (bank transfer)

Schedule a free 20 minute Uncover Your Blocks Strategy Session HERE to get started.

Have questions now? Send me a message here:

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