A program for the couple who has a vision for something greater together

There are three key areas of the REBUILD program:


Communication and Trust

a New Vision Together

the Romance & Passion

A program and community for high achieving couples who are committed to building a stronger relationship.

Let me guide you on a journey of creating a vision for your relationship, building up your communication and trust again, and reconnecting the romance and passion for each other.

I will teach you how to tear down the old in your relationship that doesn’t work anymore, and how to REBUILD with purpose and intention. It can feel like a lot to unpack after all you have been through, but in this program, I give you practical tools to make your relationship rebuild as transformational as you desire it to be.

We did the program when my husband and I were going through a particularly difficult time in our lives. We really needed help. Only a few days into it, our dynamic changed from combative to understanding. My husband and I were finally listening to each other.

Jackie and Rob

Why this program?

Great question! I’ve worked with couples long enough to know that it’s not always easy between couples sessions to actually work on what we discussed during our coaching and counseling meetings. I also know that when you’re really interested in learning something you read about it, listen to podcasts and watch experts teach on the topic. You submerge yourself in it.

That’s what this program helps you do on a weekly basis so you see the transformation you desire in your relationship. You’re ready for change and this program is created to help you make that change a reality.

For 6 months, you’ll receive:

→ Monday Conversation Starters: Every Monday, join live on Zoom or watch the recording for tools and an exercise to work on with your partner that week.

→ Once a quarter REBUILD Calls: A group check-in on how you are progressing on your relationship goals. Get coaching from Katie and learn from the other couples. Ask questions or submit them ahead of time to stay anonymous.

→ Access to the Healthy Arguing Course and How Your Personality Affects Your Relationship Training to watch together

→ Special Access for Sessions: Once you’re in the program, you can sign up for couples and/or individual sessions when needed at a special rate.

As a bonus, join the couples quarterly book club supporting your personal and relationship growth. For our June book club, we are reading Stolen Focus by Johann Hari. My husband and I love doing a book club together, so I’m bringing this experience to you too!

Ready to REBUILD your relationship?

1997€ investment

*payment plan is available upon request

Need more info?

I would love to chat with you or you and your partner to decide if this program is the right fit for your relatinship. Set up a free call with me here so you can ask me any questions and we can get to know each other better:

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