Katie Rössler

I help ambitious, goal driven people who are ready to:

– let go of feeling like they’re not where they thought they’d be by now

– build a life that doesn’t lead to burnout

-feel alive and joyful every single day


Katie is a great combination of non-judgemental AND able to call out your limiting beliefs or stop your brain from going in circles with a few well-placed questions. So you feel comfortable being vulnerable in the sessions but it’s not purely talking, you also learn skills to reframe your thought patterns.


You know something keeps blocking you. Something from your past that’s unresolved and all you keep seeing is stress and overwhelm pushing you to avoid it more and more. Problem is… it’s not going anywhere and you don’t feel better.

One of my gifts I bring to the work I do with my clients is the ability to get to the heart of what is keeping you blocked without you needing to tell the story over and over again. My methodology helps you make sense of what has happened and helps you to take back control of how you feel and what you think in your day to day life.

Clients have come to me to:

-work on the feeling that they’re not where they thought they would be by now

-break the need for drinking wine every night to cope with a stressful day

-grieve the dream that never became a reality

-figure out whether or not to stay in their current relationship

-be triggered less by family members who do and say the “wrong” things a lot…but are not going anywhere

-finally enjoy their life that looks good on paper but survival mode keeps impacting

And they’ve walked away with:

-excitement about the life they are creating

-tools for coping with anger, sadness, fear and grief that help them feel in control again

-new dreams that they know will become reality because they are making it happen

-relationships that have healthy boundaries and equality

-compassion and a greater understanding of the challenging people in their lives

-a thrive mindset that kicks their survival mindset to the curb!


Here’s how we can work together:

You, Reinvented – 5997€

You’re in a time of finding yourself in this phase of life. When you look back at the last decades, you know you’ve been through a lot, but this stage right now feels defeating. Maybe something major has happened, a loss or a big change, or maybe you’re waking up and realizing you’re not really happy in your relationship, job, or life in general. 

Let me support you as we navigate where you are now and where you want to be. I’ll guide you through seeing how your life story is where your greatest wisdom comes from (even if right now it just feels like a big weight you carry around). I will teach you the tools to work through the anger, resentment, fears and anxiety that naturally come up when we feel a bit lost in life.

For this package, we meet for 12 – 60 minute sessions over 6-9 months. The first 6 sessions we will dive deep into where you feel stuck, how your past is continuing to impact you, and how to heal so you can move forward. You’ll have videos to watch before each session to keep you focused on your personal journey. The following 6 sessions are for you as you explore life with fewer triggers, less hidden grief, and more enjoyment. You also receive email and text support during the time we’re working together.

When you register for this package you receive:

  • 12 – 60 minute sessions with Katie
  • Private access to Katie’s calendar to book the sessions during the days and times that work for you
  • Email access to Katie while working together so you can share your challenges, ask questions, and have a cheerleader as you progress
  • Videos to watch with exercises to keep you focused before sessions using Katie’s methodology created from 15 years as a therapist and her own life journey for more impactful results each session
  • Access to guided meditations, tapping (EFT) videos, and educational videos for more support around anxiety, anger, stress and overwhelm between sessions

***Payment plans are available. You can pay via Stripe, Paypal, or (in Europe) Überweisung (bank transfer)


The Rebuild Program for High-Achieving Couples

“Most people are going to have two or three marriages or committed relationships in their adult life. Some of us will have them with the same person.” – Esther Perel

After over 15 years of serving my clients, I can say that this quote is true. I’m here to work with the couple that continues to choose each other and is ready for a rebuild. This program is going to give you the tools to finally create the relationship you’ve been dreaming of brick by brick. But first, we need to tear down the old in order to build the new!

The Rebuild program is created specifically for the busy, goal driven couple. How you work and think is different from other couples, so the support you need is as unique as you. Just like a high performance athlete needs the right coaches and support team to help reach their goals, you need a tailored program that meets you where you are and gets you where you want to go.

My Rebuild Method gives you the tools to face the challenges from the past that are causing arguments and avoidance. It teaches you how to move forward without sweeping it all under the rug to come back and bite you later. The Rebuild program helps you create a stronger foundation and shift negative habits you’ve fallen into so you can finally reach the goals you created together.

Schedule a free 20 minute call with Katie to discuss the best plan for you.

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