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Welcome to the first step towards feeling back in control of your life and capable of handle anything life provides you.


What I loved about working with Katie is she created a safe space for me to start processing my grief. I had felt stuck in my grief and really had no idea what to do or how to start processing things. I feel positive after our session, I have a guide to respond to my grief instead of being stuck.


There are several ways to work with me. Look below to see what fits your needs right now:

The Foundations of Grief Healing Packages

When you are ready for full accountability and healing in your grieving process, then this is the support you are looking for. There are three packages to choose from in which you will learn my signature methodology to healing hidden grief in your life and living with more resiliency. Contact Katie for your personalized packet of information emailed to you.

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Your Grief Healing Blueprint

Has anyone told you lately that you were divinely created? Well, you were! And once you learn the keys to your unique design you can better understand how to use tools specific to you to heal your hidden grief. Order a Human Design reading to give you your unique grief healing blueprint HERE.

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When you are ready to dive in a little deeper in your healing and want to do it on your own time, courses are a perfect fit. I have courses for you, you and your partner, and your whole family. Find the right course for you HERE.

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Workshops and Trainings

Sometimes we need to learn a little more about how to change our mindset around grief and healing before we dive in to working with someone privately. I hold a variety of online and in person workshops and trainings throughout the year. To find out when the next event is go click HERE.

The Your Grief Healing Blueprint Human Design Reading was amazing. Katie answered so many of my questions without knowing she was doing so and the way she explained each phase of my design was clear, relatable, and the examples were amazing. I am absolutely blown away and left the session with chills and tears, finally feeling like I understood some of the weird quirks that make me who I am. It’s almost like I finally don’t feel broken, or less than others I interact with, I’m just designed differently and need to take my path as I went to take. Absolutely amazing. If you need clarity in work, personal, or motivation, I highly recommend taking a reading with Katie!


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