Giving Birth to Motherhood
Giving Birth to Motherhood title

Written by Amie McCracken & Katie Rössler, LPC

A book and journal in one, created to lead you through documenting your birth experience, Giving Birth to Motherhood will help you make sense of what made your delivery challenging or traumatic, bring clarity to what you remember and what you want to remember, and step into motherhood as a whole being.

On the other side of pregnancy and birth lies the journey of motherhood.

But when you enter that phase of life burdened by a traumatic birth experience, you might find it harder to bond with your baby, connect with your new identity, and move forward in your relationships.

Sometimes having a healthy baby and having survived the birth is not enough. And yet it’s not always obvious that a birth was problematic, or that it could be holding you back from healing. Giving Birth to Motherhood will help you explore what you envisioned for your birth, understand what actually happened, and write throughout the process to find catharsis. With easy journal prompts and short chapters, you will:

  • Make sense of what made the experience challenging
  • Know how to balance emotions with the logical events that occurred
  • Feel supported with tools on how to navigate what emerges as you write
  • Bring clarity to what you remember and what you want to remember
  • Have a story that you feel comfortable sharing
  • Understand how your story can change the system
  • And step into motherhood as a whole being

Amie and Katie are both mothers with a passion for helping people heal.

Amie is an editor and author who believes in the incredible power of the written word. Katie is a transformative grief guide and licensed counselor who is on a mission to help others face the hidden grief in their lives.

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“Our birth experience is the crux of womanhood for many and is often met with complicated emotions. As a therapist who primarily works with new moms (and a mother of two myself) this book is the perfect companion to heal, laugh and connect with the inner part of us that was awakened at birth. I will be recommending this book to my postpartum clients and will keep a copy on my own bookshelf for years to come.”

Kelly Houseman MS, LPC, NCC


“A must read after any birth, but especially if you had anything go wrong or experienced any trauma. This book can help you sort through all those feelings and shed some baggage so you can become the mother you were always meant to be.”

Melissa Gersin, L&D and Maternity RN


“No matter your birth experience, Katie & Amy will walk you through writing your birth story in a thoughtful, heart-centered and compassionate way. Birth has the possibility to be a beautiful & transformative experience and by writing your story with the help of this book, you have the chance to create that for yourself as a mom.”



“This book will offer a new set of tools to your tool box for moving through and processing your childbirth experience. I felt seen and validated, but also empowered to do something with the sadness I still carried years after my childbirth experience.”



About the authors

Amie McCracken

Amie McCracken is an imaginist. Her stories dive deep into the what-ifs of life. Swimming in books her whole life, her career as an editor and book designer was only natural. She hails from the US of A but has lived abroad for most of her adult life. With a book or three on her nightstand, a manuscript in progress on her laptop, and a cup of tea to hand, Amie is a storyteller.

Katie with cup of coffee

Katie Rössler is a licensed professional counselor, transformative grief guide, speaker, and author from the USA living in Munich, Germany. After experiencing the sudden loss of her mom followed by two miscarriages, she began exploring the world of grief in a new way. She found strength in seeing grief as a tool for growth and discovered ways to teach others how to transform their pain into empowerment, creating life changing results.

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